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Glasgow's Centenary

From 2014, the world will be commemorating the centenary of the start of the First World War. It lasted four years and we now know that it changed forever the lives of everyone who lived through that time.

Glasgow's Centenary Image

lion memorial For Glasgow, it is a momentous occasion. Over 200,000 men volunteered for the Great War leaving behind their jobs and loved ones - many of them never returned and for those who did they came back injured or damaged.

The war touched the lives of nearly every citizen of our great city and left an indelible and lasting mark on our city. For these reasons it is essential to commemorate, remember and learn from and about the lives of Glaswegians during 1914-1918.

For the centenary of the First World War, Glasgow is undertaking a programme of activities and events to raise awareness of the impact of the conflict on the city.

It is hoped that people of all ages will be inspired by the stories of this extremely significant period of history. We also hope they will contribute stories to our website to create a living database of Glaswegians during the First World War.

There are also hundreds of memorials and stories across the city and they give us an insight into the experiences of the men and women who took part in the First World War whether on the front line or home front.

Glasgow has many interesting and poignant stories demonstrating the bravery, brotherhood and sisterhood of our citizens. As in all conflicts there are also those detailing the grief, loss and futility of war.

We hope that by learning the stories of Glaswegians 100 years ago, you will appreciate how our city and its people experienced and achieved extraordinary things in war time.

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